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Ayurvedatarian is a venture started with an intention to spread Ayurveda knowledge to all. Ayurveda is one among the measures for attaining the purposes of life named Dharma (Righteousness), Artha (Monetary benefits), Kama (Desires) and Moksha (Liberation of Soul) through Health.

            Dr. Varun Ram Raj (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, Ayurvedacharya), is an Indian Ayurveda doctor and writer. His Ayurveda education started at Government Ayurveda College in Kerala, India which is working under the Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India. He has worked with a group of Ayurveda teachers for long term projects for the propagation of Ayurveda. His service was also extended in abroad for the imparting Ayurveda. He is presently working for the propagation of Ayurveda around the globe. The communication with people from Europe including Russia, Middle East and Northern Africa along with other Asian countries is helping him in the task of propagating real Ayurveda. Direct visits as well as online programs are conducted under his leadership in various destinations with support of Ayurveda followers of those particular locations. He also has worked as the advisor for various Ayurveda treatment centers in India and abroad. His aim is to spread "Real Ayurveda" to the Ayurveda seekers from all over the world.

            Aleksandra Lialina, is a language specialist from Russian Federation, specialized in English language from the University of Kirov. She has worked in various projects related to Ayurveda and the language of English. She has experience in Ayurveda through working with Dr.Varun Ram Raj from the year 2018. She is helping a lot of individuals for understanding Ayurveda in their own language. Her travel around the world also is benefiting many people through the awareness programs and consultations conducted in various locations. She is handling the leading position in "Ayurvedatarian" , for the spread of Ayurveda to all.

Dr. Varun Ram Raj and Aleksandra Lialina couple met in the year 2018. They are working continuously till date to achieve the aim of imparting "Ayurveda" to all the individuals around the globe. 

Follow "Ayurvedatarian" for Ayurveda - The knowledge on life and enjoy the benefit of a completely nature friendly and healthy lifestyle


Ayurvedatarian is trying to spread the "Ayurveda" through all possible measures. As a part knowledge sharing we have designed various projects. 


Direct visit and communication 

This program is designed with an intention to communicate with individuals who are unaware about Ayurveda and wish to adapt a nature friendly lifestyle. As a part this we are visiting different countries and providing consultations.


Design and Installation of Ayurvedic centres 

We also support the individuals who are interested in installing an Ayurveda Centre through giving the design and advices for setting up a center within their budget.


Online Ayurveda

Online Ayurveda is the major attraction of our venture which helps an individual from getting consultations, lessons and other Ayurveda related needs from anywhere in the world.


 "Ayurvedatarian" is having members from all over the world to ensure the spread of Ayurveda knowledge as fast as possible. Anyone who is interested in Ayurveda can become the member of "Ayurvedatarian". We welcome all the Ayurveda lovers to join us in spreading the “Ayurveda" to all who are in need of a natural rejuvenation. We wish to share our guidelines to all our members which will help them in reaching the goal much easier in an organized manner. Ayurveda guides us to reach the ultimate liberation through Health.

Contact us for getting more details on "how to become a member of Ayurvedatarian".