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“ Destinations” is added by Ayurvedatarian with an intention to help our followers for choosing a genuine destination for performing Ayurveda treatments. “ Ayurvedatarian” will help to know about various facilities of the destination chosen by our followers. We can suggest our followers by giving references of good quality Ayurveda centers anywhere in the world.



Ayurvedatarian helps an individual to choose the right destination for performing Ayurvedic treatments. Our followers can choose the centres by themselves and share the details with us to get more detailed knowledge about the facilities provided by those centres. Also in this platform, one can share the location they want to visit and Ayurvedatarian will help you to find the perfect one.

In recent future, this page will be included with the details of the centres around the globe, who are the best in “ Ayurveda”. 



Ayurvedatarian is giving an idea of a complete Ayurveda restaurant, where people can find a complete Ayurveda regimen, diet and stay. Around the world, there are few Ayurveda restaurants assuring good service to their guests.



Cafes can be the easiest source of finding healthy food while travelling. Nowadays there are lot of Ayurveda Cafes around the globe, which provides completeley Ayurveda dishes.

Ayurvedatarian wishes to help those individuals who are willing to start Ayurveda Cafes by sharing our recipes and ideas for making a completely natural Ayurveda Cafe. In recent future, we wish to add the details of all Ayurveda Cafes in our page, so that our followers can easily find a place to eat healthy Ayurveda food.  

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